Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Quiz answers - Fireworks or STD?

As promised, here are the answers to last week's quiz. If you haven't done the quiz yet, view the previous post before reading this one. Oh, and credit where credit is due: this website provided the slang.

Bees in a Thicket - Firework

Flap Dragon - STD

Jumping Bug - Fireworks

Blue Boars - STD

Fire Ship - STD

Hot Pot - Fireworks

Burner - STD

Nimgimmer - STD

Tonga Exotica - Fireworks

Autumn Drizzle - Fireworks

Crinkums - STD

Nutty Monkey - Fireworks

Cats in the Cupboard - Fireworks

Friday, July 1, 2011

Quiz time! Fireworks or STD?

In honor of the upcoming holiday, 8sails serves up our first ever Blog Quiz.

Each of the following items is either a firework we bought for our annual Fourth of July celebration or a Victorian English slang term for sexually transmitted disease. Can you tell which is which?

For the answers, come by the house at around 9:00 or so (or whenever anyone sobers up enough to be trusted around explosives) and see what we've got. Otherwise I'll post the answers next Tuesday.

The list:

Bees in a Thicket
Flap Dragon
Jumping Bug
Blue Boars
Fire Ship
Hot Pot
Tonga Exotica
Autumn Drizzle
Nutty Monkey
Cats in the Cupboard

Good luck!