Sunday, May 23, 1999

Review – Commando

I kinda like this lesser-known Schwarzenegger flick, if for no other reason than Arnold’s sheer implacability. For example, early on the bad guys kidnap his daughter. One of the goons stays behind to negotiate, saying something like “So now you have to do what we want, right?” In most movies, this would lead to a mammoth macho-posturing negotiation session worthy of a pair of Park Avenue tax attorneys. Arnold merely replies “Wrong,” shoots the bad guy and goes after the rest of the kidnappers. The whole film is full of such direct, single-minded responses to problems of all kinds. Of course the movie also has some weak spots, such as the pudgy Australian arch-nemesis and Rae Dawn Chong as the love interest. But if you want an hour and a half of mindless violence, this cup is mostly Coke and not a lot of ice. Mildly amusing