Friday, January 24, 2003

Review – Along Came a Spider

Okay, now it’s official: I’m tired of the whole psychological profiling detective thing. Truth be told, it was old even before Silence of the Lambs, and even with Morgan Freeman playing the part it’s just too tiresome to be appealing. Other than that this is yet another high-budget crime thriller, the kind that depends on plot twists – ranging from the predictable to the ridiculous with precious little middle ground – rather than story or character to hold the audience’s interest. And this audience member wasn’t particularly interested. Mildly amusing

Tuesday, January 14, 2003

Review – Antitrust

Who would ever have thought being a computer nerd could be such an action-packed career option? I guess if you’re going to work for an evil corporation that’s trying to corner the communication software market by killing young entrepreneurs and stealing their ideas, you’re bound to be in for a somewhat bumpy ride. Tim Robbins does a good job as the creepy, Bill Gates-esque mogul at the helm of the creepy, Microsoft-esque corporation that’s trying to take over the world. Thank goodness for the wunderkind programmer who, recently hired by the bad guys and prompted by the assassination of one of his old friends, decides to bring the whole show to a halt. Spectacularly uninteresting intrigue ensues. This one’s mostly for the techno-geek set. Mildly amusing