Friday, February 21, 2003

Review – Crazy as Hell

Which is what you’d have to be to voluntarily sit through this cliché-ridden stinker. This outing deserves at least some measure of recognition for casting African American actors in both of the lead roles; even in these supposedly more diversity-oriented times, the horror genre remains largely segregated. So if it takes Eriq La Salle in the director’s chair to get a black man cast in a horror lead, then so be it. I’ll also toss in a quick hurrah for the decision to have a fat actress do frontal nudity, though the hurrah is tempered by the impression that it was done strictly for shock value. But so much for the faint praise. Now for the damning. This is one of those annoying movies that rests almost all its entertainment potential on its ability to shock and surprise. It does neither well. Instead, it relies heavily on predictable plot twists (especially the “surprise” ending), sophomoric theological musings and cheap, soft-core sex. The offensive, stereotypical treatment of the mentally ill was the final capper. See if desperate

Sunday, February 2, 2003

Review - Feardotcom

The year is young as I review this movie (the second day of February), but thus far this is the current odds-on favorite for Best Concept Turned Into Worst Movie. The premise here is that there’s a torture-and-snuff video site on the Internet and anyone who signs onto it ends up dead within 48 hours. Even the supporting material wasn’t too bad, including several Felini-esque nightmare hallucinations experienced by those condemned to death by their curiosity. But the devil here lies in the delivery. I enjoyed the bizarre hallucination/nightmare sequences in director William Malone’s earlier outing, House on Haunted Hill. But I didn’t like them enough to want to sit through an entire movie composed of almost nothing but. There’s a good effect here and there, but nothing that actually justifies the rental price. See if desperate