Tuesday, December 28, 2004

Review – Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy

This is the movie I expected to get when I rented Elf. And just as I was pleasantly surprised when Elf turned out to be somewhat entertaining, I was unpleasantly reminded here of what crimes against humor Will Ferrell is capable of perpetrating. The plot’s some trite nonsense about a local news anchor in the 1970s coming to grips with a female co-worker. But the story’s beside the point. Sadly, the main purpose of this sad production is a relentless showcase for jokes that might charitably be described as quirky but would be more aptly called moronic. This also features a heapin’ helpin’ of that old SNL standby: when the joke doesn’t work, just keep doing it and dragging it out and doing it some more, hoping to draw a laugh out of the audience’s sheer embarrassment. That rarely works live and certainly doesn’t work here. Wish I’d skipped it

Review – Dodgeball

I didn’t hate this as much as I thought I was going to. Sure, it’s every bit as stupid as you’d expect a Ben Stiller movie about dodgeball to be. But the lack of expectation actually helps make some of the humor a little easier to take. Don’t get me wrong, though. This is a cliché-clogged parade of brainless gags if ever there was one. Further, it’s got more than just a touch of Stiller’s trademark awkwardness that’s supposed to be funny but rarely works. Still, if you don’t expect much out of it then at least some of the production will provide a bit of mindless fun. It’s also somewhat better on DVD because of the alternate ending joke. Mildly amusing

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Review – Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid

Them big snakes is at it again. There’s some mish-mash in here about a scientific expedition searching for a flower that may prove to be the fountain of youth, but really it’s just an excuse to drop a group of Americans into a jungle full of big, computer-animated reptiles. I guess they’re supposed to be vicious and all, but it’s almost hard not to feel sorry for them in the end given that their human opponents just spent the last hour and a half making themselves as unsympathetic as possible. See if desperate