Friday, March 18, 2005

Review – Cursed

Someday someone is going to make a genuinely scary werewolf movie. Until that day, the title of this barker remains an apt epitaph for the sub-genre. Step one for ridding ourselves of this evil spell will have to be abandoning the whole John Landis funny-quirky thing. Next, the werewolves are going to have to not look like big teddy bears. And if Wes Craven is going to play any role in the project, he’s going to have to regain some of the sense of timing he once had. Half this movie plays like it’s in fast-forward. And all the way through this picture comes across as an after-school special about the dangers of getting bit by werewolves. Christina Ricci has a few good moments, but even at her best it’s all too easy to recall that she was once on the “serious actress” track instead of killing time in lycanthropic bubblegum like this. Mildly amusing

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