Tuesday, June 21, 2005

Review – Batman Begins

Yeah, eventually. But he sure takes his time doing it. For the longest stretch at the beginning this movie does one of my least favorite tricks: ping-ponging back and forth between three or four different time frames. As much as I dislike this trick in general, my hat’s off for the effort to show not only the murders that first turned young Bruce Wayne against crime but also the trials and training that eventually turned him into a superhero. Once it settles down into a single stream, the plot becomes more of a straightforward good guys vs. bad guys story. This is also one of those productions that features a gaggle of big-name celebrities in supporting roles. But the best part for my money was that Batman was – at least in places – actually scary. This is the first, last and only Caped Crusader that ever left me believing that criminals would be afraid of him. I kinda hope they make a series out of this (when’s the last time you heard me say that about a movie?), but if they do I hope it doesn’t go downhill like the Tim Burton set did. Worth seeing

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