Friday, June 10, 2005

Review – Darkness

In the wake of The Ring I guess Hollywood has decided to let international directors run riot in the realm of the mid-budget ghost story. Trouble is, there’s more scary in the first ten minutes of The Ring (which itself wasn’t exactly a great paragon of the horror arts) than in the whole running time of this stinker. Indeed, the movie’s half over before anything happens that even appears to have been intended to be frightening, and even then it’s more annoying than anything else. What decent plot elements it picks up along the way are almost entirely “borrowed” from other movies such as The Amityville Horror. It picks up a teeny bit close to the end, but overall … well, one of the occult images associated with our family’s evil-possessed house is the ouroboros. Somehow the image of something biting itself in the ass is all too apt. See if desperate

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