Saturday, June 25, 2005

Review – Don't Look Now

“Don’t Watch Ever” might have been better advice. This Nicholas Roeg supernatural thriller is one of those productions that would be really creepy if it was actually happening to you, but just watching it happen to fictional characters in a movie is merely dull. Donald Sutherland and Julie Christie play the parents of a little blonde girl who starts apparently appearing here and there in Venice despite having died some time earlier. Roeg manages to conjure an interesting visual here and there, but they’re no match for the weak script and wooden acting. The sex scene between the leads is especially horrific, easily qualifying as the least stimulating set of visuals since the horny hairy humpin’ hippies that grace the pages of The Joy of Sex. “Don’t look now” is some seriously good advice for that scene! Perhaps by 1973 standards this was an eerie bit of psychological horror, but now it rarely rises above boring. See if desperate

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