Monday, October 31, 2005

Review – Capote

Here’s the behind-the-scenes story for In Cold Blood, a dramatized, behind-the-scenes peek at Truman Capote’s work with Smith, Hickock and the good folks of Holcomb. Philip Seymour Hoffman does a surprisingly good job in the title role. The self-caricature mannerisms of the flamboyant author alone would have been easy to mimic, but Hoffman brings a much greater depth to the character. The result is one of those movies that leaves you wondering just how much of it is true. The story departs from the book in some small details, but of course Capote doesn’t say anything himself about things like lying to the killers to retain their confidence or ceasing his support of their appeals in order to hasten the end of the story so he can finish his work. I was in the middle (actually closer to the end) of the book when I went to see the movie, and the two made an interesting combination. Worth seeing

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