Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Review – Dominion

Wow, did this one ever end up taking a strange path to the screen. After Paul Shrader’s prequel to The Exorcist didn’t work with test audiences, the studio brought in Renny Harlin to completely re-shoot the movie. And now I guess Warner has decided to recoup some of its losses by DVD’ing the Shrader cut as well. Oddly enough, I think somewhere between these two productions might have been a really good horror movie. Harlin’s version is too stupid to be engaging, but this outing’s too boring to be scary. I really liked the emphasis on the archaeological, especially early on. The script was also reasonably well put-together. On the other hand, the thrills here were few and far between. And the characters were more engaging in the other one. When you do less with your actors than Renny Harlin does, that says nothing good about your picture. Taken together, these two pictures would make an interesting – if somewhat disorienting – double feature. Mildly amusing

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