Saturday, December 31, 2005

Review – Cinderella Man

The tale of boxing legend Jim Braddock is one of those stories that just sort of tells itself. And that’s a good thing, because none of our storytellers here is exacting having his or her finest moment. Director Ron Howard probably has the lion’s share of the blame coming. He seems to be trying to create a blend of 21st century big budget Hollywood and sappy Frank Capra triumph-of-the-underdog, and more often than not it doesn’t work. It’s just hard to get behind a gazillion-dollar production about people so poor they can’t pay for utilities or food. However, this still turns out to be a reasonably entertaining movie. You’ll have to be in the mood for one of these sappy things about a washed-up athlete who makes an astounding comeback, but if that itch takes you then this is a solid way to scratch it. Mildly amusing

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