Monday, December 26, 2005

Review – Devil Dog: The Hound of Hell

You can tell Yvette Mimieux’s character is possessed by evil spirits, because she pretends to want to have sex with Richard Crenna. The creature of darkness responsible for such monstrous wickedness? A dog. A German shepherd (with lights aimed into his face to give him that spooky red-eye effect) that’s secretly a demonic glow-in-the-dark yappy dog complete with little horns. So the movie is almost completely undone by the cuteness of its supposedly-menacing villains, especially early on when the fluffy shepherd puppy psychically sets the maid on fire. With the fright factor gone, this is just an oh-so-70s production about a suburban family who bring a hell creature into their home. I enjoyed this immensely the first time I saw it, but on recent re-viewing I’m forced to confess that it’s a bit of a stinker. Mildly amusing

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