Saturday, December 17, 2005

Review - The Fantastic Four

After decades of planning to make a movie out of the foursome, this is what they come up with. First the good stuff. The effects were okay an a comic-bookish sort of way. And I came into the experience fully expecting to dish out a DRNPA to Jessica Alba. But oddly enough, she dodged the bullet. Part of her luck was that the script didn’t call on her to do a lot of hard-core science-ing. But what she did have to do, she managed to pull off better than I predicted. Now the bad news: that’s pretty much the limit of the good news. I was especially disappointed in the handling of Victor Von Doom. The doctor in the comic books had a certain Eastern European outsider mad genius quality to him. The guy in the movie came across as just another corporate wiener. Overall this was a mid-packer of a Marvel superhero movie, not as bad as The Hulk but most likely not the franchise feature that Spider-Man turned out to be. Mildly amusing

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