Tuesday, January 3, 2006

Review – The Devil's Rain

The B-List Actors’ Rain would have been more apt, as there’s certainly a deluge of them here. Some, like William Shatner, Eddie Albert and Ernest Borgnine, are on the down-swings of their careers. Others, such as Tom Skerritt and John Travolta (so new at this point that he has no lines) would later go on to bigger and better things. Even devil-cult-leader-to-the-stars Anton LaVey has a hand in this as a behind-the-scenes advisor. And his take on the whole Satan-worship thing is fairly evident throughout the production. The story is a half-baked Twilight Zone-esque tale of an evil cult that perpetuates itself by taking over people’s bodies and imprisoning their souls in a big deviled Faberge egg in which it rains all the time. But in the end the joke’s on them (or most of them anyway) in a vast festival of noise and melting. Though this isn’t exactly anyone’s finest hour (well, maybe LaVey’s), it has a few moments. Mildly amusing

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