Friday, January 20, 2006

Review - Far from Heaven

And likewise far from good. The goal here seems to be to make a 50’s-style movie about problems that nobody in the 50’s would have made a movie about. A happy Connecticut housewife (Julianne Moore) discovers her successful businessman husband is gay. For solace she turns to her gardener, an educated black man relegated to menial tasks by the color of his skin. By the end of the picture everyone’s lives are ruined. Part of me wants to dish out some points for the guts it took to attempt such a strong re-creation of the era’s film-making style. Unfortunately, the points for intent are swiftly lost by the inept execution. The lighting and camerawork are terrible, and the script’s faithfulness to the decade that spawned it turns it into a stiff, cliché-ridden mess. This is how good ideas become bad movies. See if desperate

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