Friday, June 25, 2010

Review – Dead Snow

The over-the-top zombie splatter of Dead Alive gets transplanted to the hills of Norway, proving yet again that the international community can come up with horror movies every bit as dumb as American products. Once again a squad of witless 20-somethings make the mistake of leaving the big city, and once again I found myself cheering for the walking dead trying to kill them. Or almost cheering, as in this case the zombies are the remnants of an SS division that fled into the mountains after Germany lost the war. Folks who love a lot of gratuitous gore should find this reasonably entertaining. However, the end bothered me (so spoiler alert). In the final minutes the lone survivor manages to placate the Nazis by giving them back their gold, which of course was most likely stolen from their victims to begin with. I don’t need a morally uplifting ending to a picture like this, but I didn’t welcome the intrusion of real-life horror into the otherwise safely imaginary realm of a standard zombie picture. Mildly amusing

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