Monday, June 14, 2010

Review – Doctor Blood's Coffin

If your family name is Blood, wouldn’t it be a good idea to either change your last name or seek work in a profession other than medicine? I mean, who would voluntarily see a physician named Doctor Blood? That’s like trying to get students to enroll in a class taught by Professor Homework. And yet the denizens of a small English village don’t seem to have a problem with this guy. Of course relations take a turn for the worse when everyone learns he has a secret lab in an abandoned mine where he’s trying to revive corpses by implanting fresh hearts from vivisected victims (which seems like it would be something of a zero-sum game rather than a genuine boon to humanity). We finally get a Frankenstein-y monster in the last few minutes, but the first hour and a half of the picture are pure boredom. See if desperate

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