Friday, July 23, 2010

Review – Corky Romano

I hated this more than I should have because it led off with a “joke” about euthanizing a cat. This might have been a “too soon” problem for me, though I’m not convinced any amount of distance from the passing of a beloved pet would transform this into something humorous. So this stupid comedy got off on the wrong foot and stayed there. Chris Kattan plays the manically-cheerful dork outcast brother of a Mafia family bedeviled by the FBI. Though technically this isn’t a Lorne-Michaels-produced flop attempt to cash in on an old SNL skit, the humor is on par with productions such as The Ladies Man and The Coneheads. The result is one of those movies where everyone involved looks ready to murder their agents. I’ll give it one point, but that’s based entirely on the concern that the cat thing might have skewed my perception. See if desperate

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