Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Review – Cry Freedom

This is the quintessential example of white African racism viewed strictly from a white African liberal perspective. I mean, the casting director understands the real situation. Why else cast talented Denzel Washington as “supporting” character Stephen Biko and usually-conscious Kevin Kline as protagonist Donald Woods? The parts that are about Biko aren’t too bad. Sadly, the vast majority of the picture is devoted to Woods and how hard he has it when he decides to stand up to the South African government. In particular the last half of the picture is devoted to the exceptionally dull story of how he and his family managed to flee the country. And of course the trouble with making a movie about Apartheid – especially back when the roaches were still in power – is that even the truth is such a cartoonish case of good versus evil that the story loses impact. Mildly amusing

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