Thursday, October 7, 2010

Review – Daughters of Satan

This pack is lucky to have a father as merciful as Satan. If I’d been their dad, I would have drowned them at birth. This joint United States and Philippines production thoroughly humiliates a young Tom Selleck, who plays a man with amazingly terrible taste in art. He purchases a painting – the likes of which nobody would even bother to paint on the side of a van – of three witches being burned at the stake by the Inquisition, the draw being the middle victim’s resemblance to his wife. So it’s his bad luck that in addition to having one of his walls marred by this travesty it also turns out to be a gateway that allows the local “Satanites” entry to his home. Some of the cult’s rituals come across as torture porn before there even was such a thing, but otherwise this picture is undistinguished from every other bad horror movie from the 1970s. See if desperate

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