Saturday, November 27, 2010

Review - The Final

Normally I have absolutely no use for torture porn, so I was profoundly surprised to find myself enjoying this prime specimen. It pits high school losers against the bullies who pick on them, with the geeks taking terrible revenge on their tormentors. The Netflix description made it sound like the torturers drew inspiration from historical examples, so I was a little disappointed when their bag of tricks was entirely contemporary and somewhat unimaginative. Further, the production suffers from some rookie mistakes in the plot and editing departments. Overall, however, I’m ashamed to admit how much fun it was for someone who’s been gone from high school as long as I have to watch the “popular kids” that infect every school in the land finally get what’s coming to them. All the entries in this sub-genre should have this much of a sense of purpose. Mildly amusing

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