Monday, March 14, 2011

Chloe, get me the sat image

Lately I've taken to spying on myself.

Or to be more precise, I've been using easily-available satellite image sources (such as MapQuest and Google Maps) to call up images of my house taken from space. Though they fascinate me on general principles, I find it particularly fun to try to guess when the satellite was passing over the house.

Morning appears to be a popular time (based on the shadows), but beyond that I'm not noticing any patterns. Some shots are taken during the winter, while others are spring or summer (no autumn leaves and no snow, though).

It's also fun to see who's home. One of the services offers multiple view angles. In the first, nobody's parked on the street out in front of the house. In the second my car is there, and in the third and fourth views Amy and I are both home.

I also find it interesting that the images, particularly StreetView, are so old that they show a car we got rid of more than a year ago.

It makes me want to paint something on the roof, like maybe a big "Hi there!" sign. Or maybe an 8sails octopus.

Speaking of 8sails, obviously I've fallen tragically behind on everything. I'm not sweating the Survival Guide at this point, but I'm mad at myself for not doing a better job keeping up with movie reviews, lists, Hoffman Lenses and the like. At least on Saturday I did manage to get some reviews written. I'm still behind, just not as far behind as I was.

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