Monday, March 7, 2011

For when the doll heads come for you. And they will.

I recently discovered something unpleasant about myself: when I'm laughing my ass off but at the same time trying not to make any noise so I won't wake up my wife in the room across the hall, the sound that comes out is an awful, high-pitched squeaking.

The subject of my early-morning-bout-of-insomnia mirth was speculation about what a grade school science textbook written by Gary Busey might look like.

This raises an important question: in light of the good chance that his bizarre behavior is due to mental illness brought on by massive head trauma, is it wrong to make fun of Gary Busey?

A. Yes. Gary Busey is a human being with feelings, and it's wrong to make fun of him regardless of the source of his problem.

B. Yes. Under most circumstances celebrities are legitimate mocking targets, but not when they're genuinely mentally ill.

C. No. In general it's wrong to make fun of the mentally differently abled, but Busey's celebrity status (combined with the likelihood that his problems originate from an injury suffered when he decided to ride a motorcycle without a helmet) makes him fair game.

D. Nah, fuck him. In a world full of famine, pestilence and genocide, who gives a crap about Gary Busey?

In 8sails site news, not much progress to report. I'm way behind on site work and didn't even manage to accomplish much on the Survival Guide. But I had a lot of housework to deal with this weekend. Or at least that's my excuse.

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