Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Getting back into the swing

I've been so swamped the last couple of days that I've had little time to work on the site and no time to come up with anything funny to say here. Even the MLB stuff I posted yesterday was technically a carry-over from Saturday.

This morning in my Reporting class we had a couple of excellent guest professionals: Alan Mattingly and Roy Teicher. They're the co-authors of The Salt Beat, a play about the death of a small town newspaper. Alan is an editor for the New York Times and Roy used to be the editor of the Kansas City Kansan (not to mention a writer for such diverse employers as Bill Clinton and The Tonight Show). So this was a great opportunity for the students to meet a couple of guys who've succeeded in the business they're considering joining.

Work on the MSG has been minimal, but I've gotten an item or two added. In particular, Mental Floss tweeted a factoid asserting that there's more content posted on YouTube in 60 days than the original big three networks have aired in the last 60 years. Of course I'll need to track down a source for that.

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