Thursday, March 17, 2011

Starting an interplanetary war

Suddenly the Onion is smearing every available spot on its site with promos for the movie Paul, which as near as I can tell from the ads is a feature-length posit that loserdom isn't confined to our planet. Honestly, just looking at this alien makes me want to punch him. And wouldn't that start our relations with his planet off on the wrong foot (or tentacle or whatever).

On the other hand, maybe if the inhabitants of his planet are as tired of slackers with attitude as I am, perhaps it would help establish some common ground. So you punched the little bastard? Congratulations. We've been wanting to punch him for years, but we're too peaceful to give in to our baser urges. That's why we sent him to Earth and specifically targeted the United States. We figured if anyone would punch him, it would be an American.

In all fairness, I have no idea whether this is a good movie or not (though "Seth Rogen" doesn't bode well). It's just that the alien has that George-W.-Bush-idiot-reveling-in-his-own-idiocy smirk on his face.

A small bit of MSG progress this morning, mostly organizational. I started a list of the photos and illustrations I need to create, hoping to get at least a start on it during the break.

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