Monday, March 13, 2017

Review - The Jungle Book

At some point Disney’s efforts to re-market their old animations by re-making them as semi-live-action pictures may become too cynical to be endured. This may actually be that point. Big-name celebs voice the CGI animal stars of this version of the classic story, but otherwise this doesn’t do much that the original didn’t. Mildly amusing

Friday, March 10, 2017

Review - The Charnel House

Real estate developers convert an old slaughterhouse into pricey lofts. If only the previous occupants had stuck to livestock and left human victims out of it, the place might have been less haunted. See if desperate

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Review- It Follows

Here’s a semi-intriguing concept: what if you were being pursued by a slow but relentless evil? You can easily outrun it. But it will never stop pursuing you. During the dull moments in this movie (of which it has no shortage), I found myself pondering long-term strategies. If you could take a flight to Australia and stay there long enough, the thing would have to wander around the bottom of the Pacific Ocean in pursuit. If it wasn’t crushed or eaten along the way, it might eventually catch up to you. But then you could fly back to the US, making it do the whole mess over again. Or maybe it could find a boat. Pretty sure it couldn’t just wander onto a plane. As horror concepts go, this isn’t bad. Fewer teenagers and better production values might have helped. Mildly amusing